Produktion af Indfaldsfilm, Kondensatore, Fordampere og Recuperator. Eksperter i Filterhuse.

We are very pleased with ACO Service's performance on our Extract production facility relocation.

"Our project involved the relocation of two large spray dryers and all other equipment across Europe. ACO was asked to take on this project in a turn key fashion and solve all aspects of the dryer project including disassembly, transport, installation, required building construction, and commissioning. ACO Service held to our very demanding time line through all aspects of the project. We found ACO supervisors and technicians to be effective and proactive in solving problems and providing solutions. Our experience with ACO was very positive and we would not hesitate to work with them again in the future". Download statement.

Tibor Ujvari
General Manager

Alltech Serbia A.D.

Produktion af Varmevekslere, Termoplader, Trykbeholdere og Inddamper. Eksperter i Varmegenvinding.
Varmeveksler, trykbeholder og Inddamper. Hos ACO er vi eksperter i varmegenvinding og termoplader.

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